At  7  Real Estate Management, we do not think of ourselves as a "property" management company, but rather view our business as Real Estate "Asset" Management.  Yes, we are involved in the traditional sense of property management, but more importantly, we manage with the goal of enhancing the value of our Clients Real Estate Investment.

We are fully staffed to handle every aspect of your Real Estate leasing and management requirements; from the placement of tenants, routine and emergency maintenance, lawn & grounds care, renovation projects, property accounting services and asset management. 

The Sale of a property?  Once it is determined that it is the best time to sell a property, we are pleased to represent our clients in the listing, marketing, and sale of their property.  

We also work with Buyers in locating and acquisition of residential and commercial property.

Property Management Services

Property Search, Analysis, Acquisition



"Managing Our Clients Properties As If  They 
Were Our Own"

Our Vision  /  Our Services

Whether in need of a Professional Management Company that you can trust to effectively manage your Real Estate or simply require our assistance in locating a reliable tenant for a residential or commercial property, we're here to help you every step of the way. 

Our primary Clients?  

  • The residential home Owner who is moving from his/her primary residence and wants (or needs) to hold on to the property for investment purposes.  Many of our clients find that they may not be able to sell their homes profitably in the present economic climate. 
  • The Owner looking for a more passive role in managing what has become an investment property, whether by choice or by circumstance.
  • The Investor of residential property or privately owned commercial property. 
Why you should consider a Professional Management Company to manage your property?
Managing rental property can be a massive headache and extremely costly in time and money. You've heard the horror stories. Yet as with any other business, knowledge, experience, the proper tools, and a service oriented attitude are the key components in assuring a profitably managed business. The manner in which real estate is managed can mean the difference in a financial disaster or a profitable venture . . . an emotional nightmare or a pleasant and proud experience.