At 7  Real Estate Management, we do not think of ourselves simply as a "property" management company, but rather view our business as Real Estate "Asset" Management.  Yes, we are involved in the traditional sense of property management, but more importantly, we manage with the goal of enhancing the value of our Clients Real Estate Investment.

We are fully staffed to handle every aspect of your Real Estate leasing and management requirements; from the placement of tenants, routine and emergency maintenance, lawn & grounds care, renovation projects, property accounting services and asset management. 

"Managing Our Clients Properties As If  They 
Were Our Own"

Our Clients  

  •  The Owner / Investor who understands the importance of partnering with a Professional Property Management Company that provides the very best in management and leasing services. (residential or commercial)
  • The HomeOwner moving from his/her primary residence and wanting to hold on to the property for investment purposes.  . 
  • The Investor (seasoned or beginner):  We are an  "Investment Oriented" Brokerage with the knowledge and expertise required to assure our Clients acquire only the most profitable of Investment Real Estate.  We pride ourselves in locating and recommending investment properties that have been thoroughly analysed to virtually assure a profitable return on the investment. (residential or commercial)
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Why you should consider a Professional Management Company to manage your property. 
Managing rental property can be a massive headache and extremely costly in time and money. You've heard the horror stories. Yet as with any other business, knowledge, experience, the proper tools, and a service oriented attitude are the key components in assuring a profitably managed business. The manner in which real estate is managed can mean the difference in a financial disaster or a profitable venture . . . an emotional nightmare or a pleasant and proud experience.

As we deal primarily with Executive Level Homes and commercial properties, the great majority of our clients hold executive positions and/or run private businesses.  Our Clients view their Real Estate holdings as "Passive" Investments.  Their trust in 7 Real Estate Management to handle all transactions and issues related to purchasing and managing their Real Estate holdings provides them the personal time to pursue unrelated business issues and that all important family time

Although most of our Clients reside in the United States, many reside in other countries such as Japan, The Netherlands, Israel, and Ghana to name a few.

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